Mcity Support Services

Food Service Worker

Food Service Workers at MCITY Support Services, plays a crucial role in ensuring the highest standards of food quality. We prepare a wide range of dishes, adhering to established recipes and portion sizes. High attention to detail and culinary skills are key in always creating visually appealing and delicious meals.

 1. Food Safety and Hygiene: Maintaining impeccable standards of food safety and hygiene is paramount. We consistently follow all health and safety guidelines, ensuring that all food items are handled, stored, and prepared in a safe and sanitary manner.

 2. Quality Control: We monitor food quality throughout the preparation and service process, promptly addressing any concerns to ensure that only the highest-quality meals are delivered to our clients.

 3. Customer Service Excellence: Our interactions with clients are characterised as professional, courtesy, and a commitment to exceeding client expectations. Our staff has a friendly demeanor and responsive to client inquiries and special requests.  Our food service workers collaborate closely with our dietitians and other team members to ensure the client’s dietary needs are met, leaving the client very satisfied.  This is an integral part of a collaborative environment, the ability to communicate effectively and work seamlessly with other team members contributes to a smooth and efficient operation at MCITY Support Services.

Developing knowledge and innovations, staying informed about new trends in the food industry and demonstrating a willingness to learn and innovate is essential. We actively seek out new culinary techniques and trends to enhance the quality and variety of our offerings.

 4. Cleanliness and Organization: Maintaining a clean and organized work area is a top priority for us. We consistently uphold a tidy workspace, ensuring that all equipment, utensils, and surfaces are sanitized and in optimal condition.  By consistently embodying these qualities, we contribute to MCITY Support Services’ reputation for exceptional food service and support our mission to providing a superior client experience.