Mcity Support Services

Meal Preparation

Here at MCITY Support Services, our Personal Support Workers and Companionship Service team are crucial in ensuring our clients have healthy and nutritious meals daily. We prepare a wide range of dishes while adhering to established dietary needs.

We maintain an impeccable standard as it relates to food safety and hygiene. We consistently follow all health and safety guidelines, ensuring that all food items are handled, stored, and prepared in a safe and sanitary manner. Maintaining a clean and organized work area is a top priority for us. We consistently uphold a tidy work area, ensuring all equipment, utensils, and surfaces are sanitized and in optimal condition. By continuously embodying these qualities, we contribute to MCITY Support Services’ reputation for exceptional service and support our mission to provide a superior client experience.

Meal Preparation Services include activities such as:

  • Planning and shopping for ingredients.
  • Cooking and portioning meals.
  • Guiding food choices Cooking from your recipes.